BMP - Sunset Maus.JPG

Full Turn-Key Project - Design, Engineering, Permits, Construction - with Full Family Interment Options including High End Glass Front Niches.

Cable - Wasatch 3 (002).jpg

Beautiful Walkway Cremation Memorialization Garden with several options for families.

Caughman FullSizeRender(2).jpg

Original Art - Full Size Landscape Painting - for Special Walls and Memorial Sections.

Chris - BMP - mem day aerial - mri (2).j

Drone and Still Photography - Licensed/Certified Drone Pilot - Memorial Day Celebrations and other Memorial Events at Cemeteries.

DofO Cathedral Cem.JPG

Full Turn-Key Project in Several Phases - Design, Engineering, Permits, and Construction Including Beautiful Family Estates, Glass-Front Niches and Magnificent Art Features.

Chris - BMP Memorial Day 1.JPG

Still, Video, Drone Photography - Scouts Placing Flags for Memorial Day - and for All Other Special Events at Cemeteries.


Full Turn-Key Project of Unique, Man-Made, Lakeside Mausoleum with Many Engineering Challenges.


Special Custom Statue Commissioned with Well-Known Artist for Newly Developed Niche Garden Area in Existing Ground Interment Section.


Dedicated Family Estate Area with View of Pacific Ocean - Four to Eight Interments per Family Estate.

DofO Acension-FamEstates2.jpeg

Family Estate Interment Inventory Incorporated as Integral Part of New Mausoleum Designs - Major Addition to Value.


Cemetery Landscaping and Maintenance - Includes Irrigation and Plantings Coordinated with Interment Sections.

Goodnoe - Master Plan DofSF - Holy Cross

Complete Cemetery Master Planning - Expansion and/or New Property.

DoT All FaithsTucson.jpg

Historic Events at Cemetery - Custom Ceramic Tiles from Original Work.

Calendar 2014 - Katz.png
Calendar 2018 - Rick C.png
Calendar 2015 - Katz.png

Cemetery Calendar Themes - History, Photo Contests, Prominent Natural Features such as Special Trees.

Scottsdale, AZ - Messenger Maus - 2.png

Historic Feature Depicting Area at End of Mausoleum Corridor - Value of Interment Space Significantly Enhanced.